Ded4mp | Biography
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Ded4mp (Jon van den Ekart)

28 year old DJ/producer of Hardtek & Tribecore. Started producing end 2013 with the program Fruity Loops Studio 11 and Ableton. Because I’m interested in those programs I started a course Digital Music Production. I have successfully passed this course in 2014 and learned a lot about: equalizers, filters, effects, etc.

Since then I have released several tracks on various record labels such as: Abusive Wreckords, H.E.D Recordings and Big Beat Records. I also released an album called: Tekno Disaster. The second album will be available soon on Unknown Recordz.

In 2015 I’ve started a second artist name with kytje a.k.a RSR called: KlereHerrieKrew, in the genres Rerror & Speedcore. We’ve already played on different National and International party’s in the following countries: Italy, Germany, France and the Netherlands.
Listen here our music
Soundcloud: KlereHerrieKrew(kytje a.k.a RSR & Ded4mp)

Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month we have our own radio show at Radio UMX. Check the livestream!! Ded4mp & Kytje a.k.a RSR live @ radio UMX

Check out my digital EP at Big Beats Records Album Tekno disaster!!
Download album here

Check out my website, Youtube or Facebook ACC for more livesets, movies and pictures.

Enjoy listening.